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Shami Kabab

Shami Kabab

Shami kabab is that budget friendly dish that goes well as an appetizer, with tea, as a side dish, for picnic, a sandwich stuffing and in a lunch box. And when you freeze, it's hardly remain for a week in your fridge. So enjoy these shami kababs with mint chatni and ketchup.


½ kg
5 cups
1 inch piece
1 Tbsp
2 tes
according to taste
1 inch piece
1 Tbsp
4 or 5
2 Tbsp
½ cup
for frying


Take Split Bngal graem and Soaked for ½ hourآ
In a large skillet add beaf, water,onion,whole red chilies,cinnamon stick,balck cardamom,green cardamom,red chili,salt,turmeric powder,black pepper corn,garlic,ginger,coriander seeds and cumin seeds,
Cook it on medium heat
When beef is 80% cooked add soaked lentil, cooked it until water dries
Let cool the mixture and grind in food processor. Add green chilies, ginger and mix well. Shape into round flat kebabs. Freeze for later use.
Tip: Do not add mint leaves in coriander leaves in shami kababs while freezing. It will change taste of kabab while frozen for longer time.
In remaining mixture, add mint leaves and coriander leaves, mix well and make round kabab patties.
Take a beaten egg, dip kabab in it and shallow fry in hot oil