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Raw Meat Biryani

Raw Meat Biryani

Also called "dum biryani", made by marinating meat with home made biryani spices. Deep flavors and piquant aromas of this biryani is not to be forgotten. Mastering raw meat biryani with lamb or veal meat give you confidence of conquering any dinner party of family and friends!


For Biryani Masala: Add all ingredients in grinder. Grind them to powder
In a bowl, add Beef,ginger garlic paste, salt, turmeric, yogurt, Biryani masala, oil, Dried plums, Fried onion and Meat Tenderizer. Mix well and marinate for 3-5 hours
For Rice preparation: In pot add water, green chili whole, cumin, bay leaf, cinnamon sticks, coriander seeds, black pepper, fennel seeds, oil, lemon juice, star anise and salt. Bring it to a boil
Add rice and give it a boil. When rice are 25% done,strain half rice. When remaining rice are 50% done strain rice completely and put it aside.
For Biryani layers: In a cooking pot, add meat marinade and spread it evenly. Add tomato slices, green chili then add 25% cooked rice over the marinade and spread it evenly.
Over the rice season it with mint leaves and fried onion
Then add 50% cooked rice and spread it evenly
Add food color (yellow and red), fried onions, mint leaves, oil, and hot water. Cover it with foil or Cover the lid and seal it tightly with a dough or put heavy weight on the lid
Place a skillet(tawa) on the flame. Cook on high flame for 10 minutes to build up steam
Reduce the flame to sim and dum the biryani for about 45 minutes on sim flame.
Tip: Adding raw papaya paste works as a meat tenderizer and is usually added to Raw beef/lamb dum biryani
Tip: If the tenderizer is not added to Beef then the Beef does not become tender while being cooked in steam
Tip: Adding oil in steps prevent biryani from drying
Tip: Placing a skillet(tawa) below the dum pot prevents the biryani from burning from bottom